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Battery Manager Professional Edition (PRO)

Battery Manager PRO Box

With the Battery Manager Standard Edition (SE) you get the perfect solution to manage batteries and charging devices. In addition to the embedded database you may access one external database like Oracle or MySQL allowing you to access your data also from home.

Multiple users can work together with your data so that the tasks may be performed by multiple persons.


The key features of the Professional Edition at a glance:

  • Convenient management of batteries, devices, manufacturers, locations, and measurements
  • Supports the embedded database (single-user)
  • Support for one single external database (e.g. Oracle, MySQL)
  • Cloud file system support (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3)
  • Platform independent: Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many more systems
  • Use the installers or execute the application directly with Java Web Start
  • Supports all functions of the Personal Edition


Convenient management of rechargeables and batteries

Once the database and connected devices have been configured you will find many battery types and manufacturers available on the market already in the system. If the battery type does alrady exist you can add your batteries easily by choosing the type and editing a battery name. This saves the time consuming editing of battery size and capacity for example.



The "My Batteries" list shows the overview of all deposited rechargeable and primary batteries. Here, new batteries may be added, existing batteries may be deleted or modified. Besides the common battery information like size and capacity the full battery lifecycle starting from purchase, the deployments, up to disposal or resale can be edited here. With these pieces of information you can always keep an eye on your rechargeables while having information like warranty periods quickly at hand in order to request compensation.



Manage charging devices and barcode/RFID readers

Recent charging devices like VOLTCRAFT Charge Manager 2020 provide support for serial PC interfaces (RS-232, USB) where important information about charging are being transferred. This data is automatically logged if a new rechargeable is inserted into a charging bay and has been identified e.g. using a barcode or RFID tag before.


With Battery Manager you can also edit measurement data manually. If you do not have a charging device with PC interface then the battery voltage after charging may be measured with a multimeter and then directly edited with Battery Manager. These data portions can be used to calculate the current state of charge later in order to replace batteries for smoke detectors in-time for example.

Supported devices and databases


Supports external databases like Oracle or MySQL

In addition to the embedded database shipped with the Battery Manager the Professional Edition provides support for one single external database (like Oracle, MySQL). External means that the database is managed by a special database server in most cases.

The initial configuration may be done using convenient wizards identifying connected devices and preparing the database quickly. You will find commonly used battery types and manufacturers pre-installed after the installation.


External databases allow working with multiple users in Battery Manager. If multiple clients e.g. for multiple branches are required later then upgrading to the Enterprise Edition is possible at any time. The datasets from the external database can be transferred into both the embedded or external databases. You can create backups on a regular basis directly from the running application to be restored later.



Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many more systems

The Battery Manager software is written in pure Java which allows the software to be executed on almost any platform on the market. If your environment changes from one platform to another, chances are good that the Battery Manager software can be migrated without problems to the new platform. The obtained licenses are still usable no matter the platform. This gives system administrators the flexibility to migrate from one platform to another without generating additional software license costs.

Future versions of the Battery Manager software will add support for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. So the marketing slogan "Write once, run everywhere" becomes reality.


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