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Compare Battery Manager Editions

Supports the embedded database (single-client, single-user)
Support for one single external database (single-client, multi-user)  
Support for multiple external databases (multi-client, multi-user)    
Supports Oracle 10g/11g/12c databases  
Supports MySQL 5.x databases  
Supports Apache Derby 10.x databases
Schema mapping support, separated schemas for system/user  
Backup and restore the database contents (same database)
Transfer database contents (arbitrary databases)  
Starter database including battery list and manufacturers
Roles Administrator, User (read-write), User (read-only)  
State of charge prediction based on measurement analysis
Calculation of the waste prevention by recharging
RS-232 support for Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX
Auto-logging of charging data and device raw data
Configurable log interval (e.g. 10, 60 seconds)
Emergency file logging support if database fails
Support for VOLTCRAFT chargers (2010/2015/2016/2020)
Support for RS-232 barcode readers
Support for RS-232 RFID readers
Support for RS-232 power switches (programmable sockets)
Configurable RFID tag format (Hex 8, Hex 10, Decimal 10)
Preinstalled lists of recent battery types and manufacturers
Automatic measurement recording from device or manual editing
Sophisticated search functions and filter templates support
Active, inactive, deleted dataset states
Network file system support (FTP, SFTP), multiple connections    
Cloud file system support (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3)    
Open/edit local files with integrated editor
Open/edit network files with integrated editor    
Setup wizard support
Supports printing e.g. table contents
Customizable docking windows, separate window mode
Send status reports (premium support only)
Integrated local file system navigator
Integrated network file system navigator    
View binary files with integrated hex editor
Multilingual (English and German)
Execute multiple tasks in the background
Installers for Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX
Register default file types (Windows only)
Customizable Web Start deployment via homepage
Easy Web Start application updates
Energy saving functions, e.g. shutdown after tasks have finished
Context sensitive help, HTML help system
Pluggable look & feels and themes
Application logging, verbose messages may be activated
Command line argument support, pass parameters
Keyboard shortcut support, special Mac shortcuts
Easy transfer of settings to other users/computers
Save/print screen shots of the application windows
Configurable update checks
Searchable preferences dialog

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