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Company Profile

Leisenfels GmbH is specialized in creating energy efficient software tools mainly programmed in Java. Founded in 2013 as the privately held company Leisenfels UG (haftungsbeschränkt), the company is located in Bissendorf, Lower-Saxony, Germany. In 2023 the company changed its name to Leisenfels GmbH.

With our software solutions we help our customers to increase their productivity while saving natural resources in all stages of the software lifecycle.


Our services for you

  • Development and sales of software
  • Premium support for end users and developers
  • Green IT solutions (hardware/software)
  • Individual projects on the basis of Java SE/EE
  • App development for smartphones and tablets
  • Website creation, hosting/CMS on own servers including e-mail

Please contact us directly using our contact form. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Our company is dedicated to the design and implementation of energy efficient software tools. As phenomena like climate change, outgoing natural resources, and nuclear threats become more and more obvious, the German government declared the energy-turn (Energiewende). The goal is to replace fossile (oil, gas, coal) and nuclear energy by renewable energy (wind, solar, water, biomass) and to reduce energy consumption in general.



Our contribution to protect the environment

  • Development:  We use energy efficient devices/PCs/servers, LED lamps, hybrid car, ...
  • Development:  We use renewable energy (photovoltaic, Norwegian waterpower)
  • Distribution:  Products can be downloaded, no packaging, no printed material
  • Distribution:  We support environmental and social projects with parts of the licence earnings
  • Deployment:  Platform independency, use software also on energy efficient devices/PCs/servers
  • Deployment:  Software includes functions and optimizations to save energy, costs, and time


Eco Hint Some of our products directly focus on environment protection: please check out Battery Manager and help to reduce waste by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable/primary batteries.

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