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Tech Zone Overview

This section provides material with focus on Java technology which could be interesting for the developer community. All software and resources provided in this section is in the public domain, may be used for free and at your own risk (please read the BSD-style License Agreement carefully).

In the case of errors or unexpected behaviour of the products provided here please send us a bug report. For improvement suggestions or any other feedback please fill out our support request form. It is also possible to obtain premium support options for the Tech Zone products, please contact us for a quote.



client network VFSLib Java Library

VFSLib is a Java library to extend the Apache Commons VFS 2.0 library with providers for recent network file systems like Dropbox. The VFS 2.0 library allows programmers to access local and network files in a way that is independent of the underlying file system.

Java Info Logo Java System Properties

The JavaInfo application collects Java system properties for statistics

JarInfo Logo JAR File Extension (JarInfo)

Java component to view and extract the contents of library JAR files

Howto Logo

Howto Collection

Some helpful resources for programmers and system administrators

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