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Java System Properties (JavaInfo) Overview

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Java system properties provide pieces of information about the Java environment like version, operating system, architecture and platform, supported class file version, and many more.

The JavaInfo application gets the Java system properties, normalizes the representation, calculates a checksum value to ensure data integrity, and assembles an XML file with simple key/value pairs for transmission.


Since version 1.1 Java supports the following core set of system properties:

java.version Java version number
java.vendor Java vendor-specific string
java.vendor.url Java vendor URL
java.home Java installation directory
java.class.version Java class format version number
java.class.path Java class path
os.name Operating system name
os.arch Operating system architecture
os.version Operating system version
file.separator File separator ("/" on UNIX)
path.separator Path separator (":" on UNIX)
line.separator Line separator ("\n" on UNIX)
user.name User's account name
user.home User's home directory
user.dir User's current working directory

Some of the properties are directly used by Java Web Start for example to determine the proper native libraries for the specific operating system. While Java is platform independent, some applications need native library extensions e.g. for serial or USB port communication. As you can see, Java system properties deliver important information for Java programmers.

In order to support also rarely used platforms like iSeries (aka AS/400) we need as many sets of system properties as possible. Most of the datasets shown below have been contributed by the user community. If you like to contribute, please download our small application javainfo.jar compiled for Java 1.4 and can therefore be executed on virtually any Java platform available. For Android mobile devices please download the JavaInfo.apk file (supports Android 1.6 or newer).

To defend against manipulation, the XML files transmitted by JavaInfo are checked against a checksum value and rejected if any manipulation is detected. So please do not modify the XML files manually. If you do not like parts of the data being transmitted (e.g. user name or licence keys as system properties), please do not send us such XML files at all. We do not publish the contributed system property files as a whole but use only relevant parts of the included data for example to generate tabular or statistical result sets. Please read our Terms of Use.

The results are currently being updated once a day. So it may take some time for new properties to show up here. If you have any suggestions or found a bug please send us a support request or bug report.


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