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Download FAQ

I do not have Java. Can I use your software?

Yes. The download area contains at least one installer archive for Windows operating systems where Java is already included. Please see the installer section of the product you are interested in. The UNIX archives never include Java runtime environments since these installers must be executable under arbitrary UNIX operating systems.

The Web Start versions of our products cannot be deployed without a suitable Java runtime environment installed on your computer system since the Web Start deployment system is an integral part of the Java runtime.

Can I use your software under Windows 98/NT?

No. Our software products are based on Java 1.6 which provides a better performance and faster cold startup than its predecessors. Java 1.6 is available for Windows 2000 or later. For Linux/UNIX systems there may be compatible Java 1.6 versions available.

Please visit http://java.sun.com to download Java runtime environments.

Why is the FTP download speed limited?

The maximum bandwith for FTP connections is currently limited to 64 kilobytes/s in order to provide this service for all our customers simultaneously. Besides this fairness aspect we do not like our FTP servers to be mirrored in an uncontrolled way. If anyone likes to do so please contact us to find a solution.

Which installer generator do you use?

We use the install4j installer generator from ej-technologies GmbH to ship our software products. It provides most commonly used features like GUI installers also under UNIX, headless installation modes, and support for many widely used operating systems and platforms. It is fast and highly configurable.

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