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Running JavaInfo From The Command Line

If your Java environment lacks a GUI, then the JavaInfo application can be started with the -headless parameter. While in this mode, the application can be controlled with simple command line interaction (question and answer system):


Java 1.4+java -jar javainfo.jar -headless


JavaInfo Command Line Interface


If the application is started with the -stdout option, it then prints the system properties to the standard output channel (stdout). This output can be piped into a local file on most platforms which can then be uploaded with our web form (see below).

Usage: javainfo [-options]

Supported options include:

  -headless           use command line interface instead of GUI
  -help | -?          print this help message and exit
  -locale             user language (en|de)
  -stdout             write system properties to stdout
  -version            print product version and exit

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The following list shows some possible ways to execute the JavaInfo application which is different for older Java versions like the JRE 1.4. The target XML file is props.xml but you can use arbitrary file names as long as they are supported by your operating system. Piping stdout to a local file may be different depending on your operating system. The examples should work for Windows/MS DOS and most Linux/UNIX boxes.


Java 1.4+java -jar javainfo.jar -stdout > props.xml


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