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Statistics: Java by Vendor

Amazon.com Inc.1.8.0_24252.0
Apple Computer, Inc.1.4.2_0948.0
Apple Computer, Inc.1.5.0_0649.0
Apple Computer, Inc.1.5.0_0749.0
Apple Computer, Inc.1.5.0_1349.0
Apple Inc.1.5.0_1349.0
Apple Inc.1.5.0_2049.0
Apple Inc.1.5.0_2649.0
Apple Inc.1.6.0_1750.0
Apple Inc.1.6.0_2250.0
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
IBM Corporation1.3.147.0
IBM Corporation1.4.248.0
IBM Corporation1.5.049.0
IBM Corporation1.6.050.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.051.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_0151.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_1151.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_1751.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_2151.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_2551.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_5151.0
Oracle Corporation1.7.0_5551.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_11252.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_13152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_14452.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_15152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_21152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_25152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_29152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_30152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_4052.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_4552.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_5152.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_7452.0
Oracle Corporation1.8.0_9152.0
Oracle Corporation1256.0
Oracle Corporation13.0.157.0
Oracle Corporation953.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.1.845.3
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.3.1_0447.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.4.2_0848.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.5.0_1249.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.5.0_1449.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.5.0_1549.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_0550.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_0750.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1050.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1250.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1350.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1450.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1550.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1650.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_1850.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2050.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2150.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2250.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2350.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2450.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2750.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_2950.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_3150.0
Sun Microsystems Inc.1.6.0_3250.0
The Android Project046.0
The Android Project050.0

Last update:  Thu Jan 27 05:15:01 CET 2022


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