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Data Digester Generate Arguments

The following listing shows the generate arguments of the command line version of the Data Digester software (digestercli). The arguments can be used for the installer version only, digestercli is currently not available for Web Start.

Usage: digestercli [-options] -targets <file|directory|url> ...

Supported generate mode options include:

  -generate                     generate message digests
  -bsdperdirectory              process BSD-compliant file per directory
  -bsdpertarget                 process BSD-compliant file per target
  -calculateonly                no files, just calculate
  -exponentialstart <value>     start creating XML intermediates at byte index
  -extmd2 <value>               file extension for MD2
  -extmd4 <value>               file extension for MD4
  -extmd5 <value>               file extension for MD5
  -extpgp <value>               file extension for PGP signatures
  -extripemd128 <value>         file extension for RIPEMD-128
  -extripemd160 <value>         file extension for RIPEMD-160
  -extripemd256 <value>         file extension for RIPEMD-256
  -extripemd320 <value>         file extension for RIPEMD-320
  -extsha1 <value>              file extension for SHA-1
  -extsha224 <value>            file extension for SHA-224
  -extsha256 <value>            file extension for SHA-256
  -extsha384 <value>            file extension for SHA-384
  -extsha512 <value>            file extension for SHA-512
  -exttiger <value>             file extension for Tiger
  -extwhirlpool <value>         file extension for Whirlpool
  -extxml <value>               file extension for Digester XML
  -gnuperdirectory              process MD5SUM-compliant file per directory
  -gnupertarget                 process MD5SUM-compliant file per target
  -hexcase <value>              format of hexadecimal digests (lower|upper)
  -ignoredigests                do not generate digests for digest files
  -ignoreregex <value>          regular expression for files to be ignored
  -includeregex <value>         regular expression for files to be included
  -maxintermediates <value>     limit the number of XML intermediates
  -md2                          process MD2 message digests
  -md4                          process MD4 message digests
  -md5                          process MD5 message digests
  -overwrite                    overwrite existing files
  -pgpformat <value>            write binary or ASCII PGP signature files (ascii|binary)
  -pgpkey <id> <url>            use PGP key with ID (required) and URL (optional)
  -pgppertarget                 process PGP signature file per target
  -pgpversion <value>           version header for PGP signatures
  -ripemd128                    process RIPEMD-128 hash files
  -ripemd160                    process RIPEMD-160 hash files
  -ripemd256                    process RIPEMD-256 hash files
  -ripemd320                    process RIPEMD-320 hash files
  -sha1 | sha                   process SHA-1 hash files
  -sha224                       process SHA-224 hash files
  -sha256                       process SHA-256 hash files
  -sha384                       process SHA-384 hash files
  -sha512                       process SHA-512 hash files
  -subdirectories               include subdirectories
  -summaryfile <value>          name of the directory files without extension
  -template <value>             use template options as defaults
  -tiger                        process Tiger hash files
  -timestamp                    apply target file timestamps for generated files
  -verbose                      print additional messages
  -whirlpool                    process Whirlpool hash files
  -xmlabsolutepaths             add absolute paths for Digester XML files
  -xmladdurls                   add URL elements for Digester XML files
  -xmlcomment <value>           comment for Digester XML files
  -xmldigestformat <value>      format of XML file digests (hex|base64)
  -xmlintermediates <value>     create XML intermediates (linear|exponential)
  -xmllinearevery <value>       create XML intermediates every n bytes
  -xmlperdirectory              process Digester XML file per directory
  -xmlpertarget                 process Digester XML file per target
  -xmlpgp                       add PGP signatures for Digester XML files
  -xmlpgpkeyid                  add PGP key IDs for Digester XML files
  -xmlpgpkeyname                add PGP key names for Digester XML files
  -xmlpgpkeyemail               add PGP key eMail addresses for Digester XML files
  -xmlpgpkeyurl                 add PGP key network addresses for Digester XML files
  -xmlurl <value>               URL address to be added, see xmladdurls

Copyright (c) 2005-2024 Leisenfels GmbH. All rights reserved.


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