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Data Digester Gallery

Enterprise Edition

shot_digester_ee_win7_main_thumb.jpg   shot_digester_ee_win7_sync_thumb.jpg
 Main window under Windows 7    Sync window


Standard Edition

 Full screen under Windows 7    Main window


Basic Edition

 Full screen under Windows 7    Main window


Apple Mac OS X


 Full screen under Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

   Main window


SuSE Linux

  Full screen under SuSE Linux 9.3 (GTK)    Main window (GTK)    


Oracle Solaris

  Full screen under Solaris 10 (GTK)    Main window (GTK)    


Additional Look & Feels

 CDE/Motif   Nimbus
Metal Default   Metal Ocean
Windows Classic

 Alloy Acid    Alloy Bedouin
 Alloy Glass    Alloy Default
 JTattoo Acryl     JTattoo Aero
 JTattoo Bernstein     JTattoo Fast
  JTattoo Luna     JTattoo McWin
   JTattoo Noire      JTattoo Smart
JTattoo Mint JTattoo HiFi
JTattoo Aluminium

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