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Statistics: Java by Version

0The Android Project46.0
0The Android Project50.0
1.1.8Sun Microsystems Inc.45.3
1.2.2Sun Microsystems Inc.46.0
1.3.1IBM Corporation47.0
1.3.1_04Sun Microsystems Inc.47.0
1.4.2IBM Corporation48.0
1.4.2_08Sun Microsystems Inc.48.0
1.4.2_09Apple Computer, Inc.48.0
1.5.0Free Software Foundation, Inc.49.0
1.5.0IBM Corporation49.0
1.5.0_06Apple Computer, Inc.49.0
1.5.0_07Apple Computer, Inc.49.0
1.5.0_12Sun Microsystems Inc.49.0
1.5.0_13Apple Computer, Inc.49.0
1.5.0_13Apple Inc.49.0
1.5.0_14Sun Microsystems Inc.49.0
1.5.0_15Sun Microsystems Inc.49.0
1.5.0_20Apple Inc.49.0
1.5.0_26Apple Inc.49.0
1.6.0IBM Corporation50.0
1.6.0_05Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_07Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_10Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_12Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_13Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_14Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_15Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_16Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_17Apple Inc.50.0
1.6.0_18Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_20Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_21Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_22Apple Inc.50.0
1.6.0_22Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_23Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_24Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_27Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_29Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_31Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.6.0_32Sun Microsystems Inc.50.0
1.7.0Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_01Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_11Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_17Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_21Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_25Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_51Oracle Corporation51.0
1.7.0_55Oracle Corporation51.0
1.8.0_112Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_131Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_144Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_151Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_211Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_242Amazon.com Inc.52.0
1.8.0_251Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_291Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_40Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_45Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_74Oracle Corporation52.0
1.8.0_91Oracle Corporation52.0
12Oracle Corporation56.0
13.0.1Oracle Corporation57.0
9Oracle Corporation53.0

Last update:  Sat May 15 05:15:01 CEST 2021


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