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Compare Data Digester Editions

Feature     Basic    StandardEnterprise
Support for MD2, MD4, MD5 algorithms
Support for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 algorithms
Support for RIPEMD-128/160/256/320 algorithms
Support for Tiger-192 and Whirlpool algorithms
Support for OpenPGP signatures (Pretty Good Privacy)
Check checksum files and OpenPGP signatures
Generate checksums (create files or just calculate)  
Supports multiple environments with generation templates  
Support for GNU and BSD file formats
Support for GNU/BSD files containing multiple checksums
Digester XML format support
OpenPGP key management, create/import/export keys
Auto-download OpenPGP keys from URLs embedded in Digester XML
Network file system support (FTP, SFTP), multiple connections    
Cloud file system support (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3)    
Synchronize files/folders based on checksums    
Create XML summary checksum files for whole directory trees  
Download and check network files (quick check)
XML intermediate digest support
Create XML intermediates in linear/exponential mode  
Hexadecimal digest values in lower-case or upper-case  
Open/edit local files with integrated editor
Open/edit network files with integrated editor    
Support for command line tool digestercli
Check digests/signatures with digestercli
Generate/calculate digests/signatures with digestercli  
Synchronize files/folders with digestercli    
Provides Ant task support
Check digests/signatures with Ant task
Generate/calculate digests/signatures with Ant task  
Synchronize files/folders with Ant task    
Generate wizard support  
Sync wizard support    
Process sub-directories recursively
Simultaneous processing of multiple algorithms (read once)
Configurable digest/signature file extensions
Compare checksums directly or with clipboard
Customizable docking windows, separate window mode
Send status reports (premium support only)
Integrated local file system navigator
Integrated network file system navigator    
View binary files with integrated hex editor
Multilingual (English and German)
Execute multiple tasks in the background
Installers for Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX
Register default file types (Windows only)
Customizable Web Start deployment via homepage
Context sensitive help, HTML help system
Pluggable look & feels and themes
Application logging, verbose messages may be activated
Command line argument support, pass target files and parameters
Keyboard shortcut support, special Mac shortcuts
Easy transfer of settings to other users/computers
Save/print screen shots of the application windows
Configurable update checks
Searchable preferences dialog

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