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Order FAQ



Which payment methods do you support?

Our e-commerce partner FastSpring accepts Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, PayPal™, bank transfer, check, money order, and purchase order. Payments are accepted in ten major currencies in addition to the US Dollar.

How do I get Leisenfels software licenses?

If you like to obtain software licenses please navigate to our online shop and order them directly. There you can choose the desired products and specify the number of licenses you wish to purchase. Please check out the volume discounts we offer for larger amounts of software licenses. Shop and purchase orders are processed by our e-commerce partner FastSpring. Please contact FastSpring directly if you have questions about payment, invoices, refunds, or the order process in general.

If the order has been successfully completed then you will receive an e-mail with the license key files attached. Please save the attached license key files on your computer. We suggest to make backup copies of the license key files. Then you can start the licensed application and load the license key files from the register dialog. If you encounter any problems during registration please send us a support request.

How do I get additional service?

The premium support options include a certain number of base service hours per year and license. Additional service can be ordered separately e.g. for application customization, module and interface development, as well as professional consulting and training. Some services may generate additional costs e.g. for travelling.

To obtain additional service please contact our sales team to find an appropriate solution for your requirements.


Do you support purchase orders?

Yes, established companies and institutions can order Leisenfels products with purchase orders.

Please send us a quote request containing the desired products and quantities. Instructions for ordering with a purchase order, product IDs and fax numbers will be provided on the quote.

Please use a company letterhead to submit the purchase order and include the product IDs as well as the e-mail address of the person you would like to have the license keys sent to.


How can I get an invoice for my order?

The order confirmation e-mail you received from FastSpring after you completed the payment contains a link for the invoice (something like https://sites.fastspring.com/leisenfels/order/invoice/LEIxxx). Please click on this link to show the page in your Internet browser. If this does not work please copy the link address into the clipboard of your operating system and paste the link into your Internet browser's address field.

The confirmation e-mail is written in the language that you have chosen for your online purchase. The text may be in English, German or in one of the many other supported languages.


Which languages do you support?

The license agreement texts are available in English and for some of our products also in other languages like German. The software products contain a copy of the associated license agreement either to be viewed from within the running application or as part of the download archive.

The Leisenfels shop supports many languages (for example English, German, French, Spanish) to service your online purchases. Please choose your country (for curreny) and language on top of the shop website where the product quantitites can be specified. The product descriptions are only available in English while the input fields and components as well as the order confirmation e-mail are in your favorite language.


How often the pricelists are being updated?

All prices are updated on the first day of the current month. This means that the prices are updated for example on January 1st, February 1st, and so on. The prices are updated once a month in order to reflect the Euro/US Dollar exchange rate. Our base prices are in Euro, the US Dollar prices are calculated on the basis of the exchange rate on the first day of the month. The prices for the other supported currencies in the shop are calculated based on the US Dollar prices.


Can I get my money back if I do not like the product?

Refunds may be granted up to 30 days after purchase, please visit FastSpring for details (see Return Policy section).


How is my personal data used?

At least your full name, e-mail, phone, country, and postal address must be entered for online purchases. Data collected during online purchases is used for licensing, login, accounting, billing, and support.

Commercial software licenses for Leisenfels products may be obtained for single users. Here it is necessary to associate a license with a certain user. Necessary portions of your personal data are included in the license key files. License key files are always encrypted to ensure the licenses are not misused and to keep the customer's privacy.

If you obtained premium support options then a user account is created for you to access the customer area of the Leisenfels website. Normally your e-mail address is used as the user name here. The passwords are automatically generated to ensure that only safe passwords are being used for customer login. For login as well as for the online purchases, the website data transmissions are secured with SSL-encryption.

Please see our Terms of Use with details on how your privacy is secured.


The software does not work properly. What can I do?

By accepting the license agreement you acknowledge that software cannot be completely error-free and that you have ensured with the evaluation version that the software product works according to your requirements and the advertised features. Limited warranty: the limitation period is one year, if not otherwise regulated by law.

If a software product does not work as you expected you should do the following:

  • Read the manuals and online documents first
  • Send a status report from the running application (only for certain products with premium support option)
  • Contact the Leisenfels support using the bug report or support request forms

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