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Data Digester Software

The ultimate solution to work with message digests (aka checksums) and OpenPGP signatures. Platform independent and energy efficient by design.

VFSLib Java Library

VFSLib extends the Apache Commons VFS 2.0 library with providers for recent network file systems like Dropbox©, Google Drive©, and Amazon S3©

Battery Manager Software

The Battery Manager software manages batteries using databases. It supports a wide range of charging devices connected to serial computer ports (RS-232, USB).

Free Software Updates

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Unlike many other software tools, our software products can be updated at no extra charge to any of the newer versions released for same major version you purchased a commercial license for.

For example, if you licensed the Data Digester version 1.6.3 (major version is 1.6), then you can update the Data Digester software to any newer version like 1.6.4, 1.6.5 and so on. New software updates will be available until the software reaches the EOL status (End of Life) for all releases including the installer and Web Start variants. Additional licenses are required only when upgrading to other major releases of the Data Digester software like 2.6.

Normally, new major versions are released on a two year basis in order to support new operating systems or new Java runtime environments.

We think, that our customers should always have full access to the latest software version available. Most software contains bugs and limitations due to operating systems, programming languages, or computer hardware. If newer and better releases become available, Leisenfels customers can update quickly at no extra charge.