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Battery Manager Logo Battery Manager 1.6.3
2015-05-06  Notes
Data Digester Logo Data Digester 1.6.15
2015-04-15  Notes
VFSLib Logo VFSLib 1.6.7
2015-12-28  Notes
CarrierLib Logo CarrierLib 1.6.1
2015-12-28  Notes

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 Java System Properties This application collects Java system properties provided by the various Java runtime environments on the market. The anonymously aggregated statistical results are available for the developer community. The javainfo.jar can also be run from the command line, the JavaInfo.apk is for Android devices. Read more...

JAR File Extension Small extension for library JAR files to view application specific pieces of information about the contained classes, service providers, and many more. The JarInfo extension can easily be added to own JAR archives in order to provide detailed JAR content info with a simple double-click. Read more...