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Battery Manager Logo Battery Manager 1.6.3
2015-05-06  Notes
Data Digester Logo Data Digester 1.6.15
2015-04-15  Notes
VFSLib Logo VFSLib 1.6.7
2015-12-28  Notes
CarrierLib Logo CarrierLib 1.6.1
2015-12-28  Notes

CarrierLib README

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Thank you for downloading Leisenfels CarrierLib Java Library with providers to access
shipping/carrier web services like Shipcloud.

This archive contains the required JAR files to run the CarrierLib library and examples.
The package contains:

The CarrierLib API documentation (Javadoc)
Precompiled example code, executed directly or via Ant build scripts
Documentation to run the examples
The JAR files for required libraries
The CarrierLib JAR files
End user license agreement (EULA) for CarrierLib, 3rd party licenses
This file
Release notes for this version

Please visit our website to get evaluation licenses,
order commercial software licenses, or if you need further installation assistance.
If you need extended priority support please order premium support options with your licenses.

Copyright (c) 2015 Leisenfels UG. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.