CarrierLib Release Notes

Changes in version CarrierLib 1.6.1 Build 21 (2015-12-28)


CarrierLib 1.6.1 Build 21 (2015-12-28)

New feature  First Official CarrierLib (Shipcloud Edition)

The release of the first official CarrierLib for Shipcloud (Shipcloud Edition, aka SCE) is now likely to be published in the next few weeks. This initial version comes with a provider implementing the functionality to access the Shipcloud web services.

Developers need a pre-configured Shipcloud account on the Shipcloud website. Once the two API keys for sandbox and production have been generated then the CarrierLib Shipcloud provider can be configured with a few steps.

The first available CarrierLib edition will be the Shipcloud Edition (SCE), additional providers e.g. to access LetMeShip or MetaPack will be released in the future. Finally an Enterprise Edition will be published which contains all available CarrierLib providers for an attractive price.

Links:  Visit the Shipcloud homepage
Type:  New feature
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Editions:  Shipcloud