CarrierLib Java Library

Extend your Java software by adding a fully featured shipping interface with multi-carrier support: the brand new CarrierLib. Currently the API provides support for shipcloud© to send shipments with the following German market carriers:


It is simple: pass the senders's and receiver's address data as well as the shipment's weight and dimensions, then CarrierLib will find the most cost-effective carrier for you! The shipping labels can be directly printed or stored as PDF documents. It is possible to pass custom identifiers like order IDs from your ERP system to shipcloud. This makes it easy to identify and track your shipments at any time.

The programming with this pure Java API is easy and consistent so there is no need to spend hours on dealing with the complex vendor specific APIs or on "reinventing the wheel".

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The advantages of the CarrierLib Java library at a glance:

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