CarrierLib shipcloud Edition (SCE)

CarrierLib shipcloud Edition

The CarrierLib shipcloud Edition (SCE) provides all required functions to access the shipcloud© multi-carrier web services. This edition is meant for those developers who want to extend their Java software by adding a pure Java shipcloud interface. The CarrierLib shipcloud Edition is sold separately in order to offer our customers the most cost-effective solution for the shipcloud functions.


The key features of the CarrierLib shipcloud Edition at a glance:


Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many more systems

The CarrierLib library is written in pure Java which allows the software to be executed on almost any platform on the market. If your environment changes from one platform to another, chances are good that the CarrierLib library can be migrated without problems to the new platform. The obtained licenses are still usable no matter the platform. This gives system administrators the flexibility to migrate from one platform to another without generating additional software license costs.

The CarrierLib Java library should work also on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. So the marketing slogan "Write once, run everywhere" becomes reality.


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