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VFSLib Google Drive Edition (GDE)

VFSLib Google Drive Edition

The VFSLib Google Drive Edition (GDE) contains the Google Drive © file system provider for Apache Commons VFS 2.0. This edition is meant for those developers who want to access Google Drive accounts with their applications. The VFSLib Google Drive provider is sold separately in order to offer our customers the most cost-effective solution for the Google Drive functions.


The key features of the VFSLib Google Drive Edition at a glance:

  • Extend Apache Commons VFS 2.0 with the brand new Google Drive provider
  • Transfer FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, and local files in any direction
  • Enrich your applications with recent network file system support
  • Value for money - Buy a single-user license for the cost of just a few developer hours
  • Royalty free distribution - No hidden costs, distribute the library with no fees to pay
  • Compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, and many more systems

Data Digester

The Data Digester software now supports VFSLib!

Please download and evaluate Data Digester to see VFSLib in action.



Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many more systems

The VFSLib library is written in pure Java which allows the software to be executed on almost any platform on the market. If your environment changes from one platform to another, chances are good that the VFSLib library can be migrated without problems to the new platform. The obtained licenses are still usable no matter the platform. This gives system administrators the flexibility to migrate from one platform to another without generating additional software license costs.

The VFSLib Java library should work also on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. So the marketing slogan "Write once, run everywhere" becomes reality.


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